Frequently Asked Questions

Our Program

Yes. Our system automatically applies your school’s graphics and contact information to all courses, as well as the student management system.

Your students can reach our tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, excluding national holidays.

We charge an affordable wholesale price per student. Quantity discounts do apply. Check with your representative for more details.

Yes, it is self-contained. All we need to get started is your contact info (address, phone, email, and website), a list of the courses you plan to sell, and the course approval numbers provided by your state’s real estate education regulatory agency. We do the rest.

We do not charge any upfront setup costs. We provide Internet-based courses and student management for an affordable, per-student wholesale price.

All school and student records are password-protected. Our system also uses 128-bit encryption technology.

Our Courses

Yes, our courses include links to relevant websites. Students are encouraged to bookmark these web resources for future reference. Each course also includes links to our extensive real estate glossary. This cross-referenced glossary includes pertinent links to external websites, as well.

Quizzes and final exams work a bit differently.

Quizzes: Lesson quizzes are graded automatically. Students receive an onscreen summary of their results immediately after taking the quiz. Incorrect answers are marked and include links within the lesson where the subjects in question are covered. Students are encouraged to retake quizzes until they receive a score of 100%. When a student passes a quiz, they receive a link to continue on to the next lesson.

Final exams: Final exams are timed—the clock starts when the exam is opened. Time warnings are given when 5 minutes and 1 minute remain. Questions that have not been answered when the time expires are marked as incorrect. Exams are graded automatically. An onscreen result (percent score and number of questions answered correctly) is displayed for the student, and sent to the student and school via email.

Both quiz and final exam scores are automatically posted to the student’s online record.

Yes. courses are written by experts in their fields, and all courses have been certified by applicable regulatory agencies. Depending on laws in your particular state, you may be required to obtain state approval before you can offer courses. If that is the case, we will help you obtain those approvals.

Students access the courses over the Internet, using any standard web browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari). They can access their courses and records from their password-protected “My Classroom” page.

No, our courses are specifically designed to be very easy to use. Students do not have to download special software, and use standard web browser controls to navigate through course material. Simple instructions are available for each course. As long as students follow these instructions, they should encounter no difficulties.


Simply log in to Reseller Central and click on the “View Reports” tab to access individual student records, as well as sales reports.

Yes. Use the student’s online record to track progress. Simply search for the student using their name or PIN (personal identification number). Quiz results, discussion responses and final exam results are all automatically (and immediately) posted to the student’s record.'s online student management system has helped our resellers achieve substantial increases in productivity. As one reseller put it, "'s online student management system has been such a timesaver. It has literally cut the time I spend on paperwork in half."

Your representative can help! Call them anytime.

Results are sent to the school via email, and are automatically posted to the student’s online record.

Students are emailed results at the same time as the school, which is immediately upon completion of exams. Results are also automatically posted to the student’s online record at the same time.

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