CE Course Operation

How do California Continuing Education (CE) courses work?

Our California CE courses feature content in a PDF along with interactive testing and learning exercises, presented in two browser windows.

Here's how it works:

Start your course by clicking it's name on the "My Classroom" page.

Simplified view of My Classroom page

Click "View PDF" to view the PDF content in a new window (or browser tab).

Simplified view of Course window with VIEW PDF button

Arrange the Course and PDF windows (or determine proper tabs) so you can easily switch views between them, then read the first unit in the PDF window.

Simplified View PDF in course page

Switch to the Course window to complete the unit quizzes and exercises. Use the green arrows to navigate from section to section.

Simplified view of course navigation

After reading each unit, you'll take a Quiz. Each course also has a final exam after the last unit.

Simplified view of online course quiz

In the course window, click the button (circled in blue) to reveal and hide the menu.

Close up of menu operation UI



Need more help?

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