FInal Exam Operation

How do I access my final exam?

When you complete the final chapter/unit quiz in a course, and if the required amount of time (wait time for DRE-approved courses or finals week for college credit courses) has elapsed, you get access to your final exam. 

Click the START FINAL EXAM button ONE TIME ONLY when opening an exam. If you click the button more than once the timer will not operate correctly. 

If you have pop ups blocked the exam will not open. 
Use the following links to see if pop-up windows are blocked and learn how to un-block them: Chrome | Safari | Edge | Firefox

Final exam windows


When the exam starts, you'll have two browser windows open, one with the exam and another with the Course Index or Table of Contents. Access the course contents from the second window while you select final exam answers from the pop-up window. 

We recommend that you position windows so as to not have one window obscure the other. If they are side by side you can easily bounce back and forth between the windows while taking an exam.

Final exams are timed 
This time varies based on the type of course you are taking. The timer will run down on the left side of the exam window. You’ll see a warning at 5 minutes and another at one minute. When time runs out, the final exam will automatically submit. Unanswered questions will be marked wrong.

Grading in the exam
After the exam is submitted, the system will automatically grade the exam. You’ll see your percentage score and the number of questions answered correctly. We are prohibited by regulations from telling you which questions you got right/wrong.

Retaking the exam
Requirements vary, but in most cases failures are allowed one retake. The questions on the retake exam will be completely different that those presented on the first exam. Should you fail twice, you may be required to retake the entire course. Ask your school/instructor for specific rules for final exams.


Need more help?

If you can’t complete any of these steps, or if you need any other assistance, email ProU Help Center